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Terms of Application

Pre Application Conditions

1. The Company should be registered with Malaysian Companies Commission , Finance Ministry and The Royal Malaysian Police Force ( State Contingent).
2. All members of Board of Directors of the company and the employees as well as the pyrotechnicians must be security vetted by The Royal Malaysian Police.
3. The Company must have insurance coverage for Public Liability Protection.
4. The Company must provide for a suitable and safe location for the storage of pyrotechnics which conforms to the Ministry's guidelines .
5. The discharge of pyrotechnics is not allowed in events as such:-

  • religious celebrations
  • weddings
  • political rallies or
  • any events that benefit only a segment of society based on race, religion or politics

6. The discharge of pyrotechnics is not allowed indoors except in the following premises: -

  • indoor/ covered stadium
  • theater
  • auditorium
  • convention hall or exhibition hall

7. The discharge of pyrotechnics is not allowed near or at the following locations:-

  • schools
  • hospitals/ medical centers
  • residential areas
  • petrol stations
  • premises/facilities/locations where flammable materials are stored jungles, forests, shrubs or garbage disposal areas other areas which may be exposed to a fire risk

8. Only pyrotechnic items which have been certified and approved by the competent authority in the home country as well as by manufacturers of the said product are allowed to be discharged.
9. The pyrotechnic display cannot be executed beyond 10.00 pm except for Specific Celebrations sucha as New Years Eve or National Day.
10. The duration of the display must not exceed ten (10) minutes for outdoor displays and not more than one (1) minute for indoor displays.
11. The time and duration of the pyrotechnic display must take into consideration social , cultural and religious sensistivies peculiar to the locality.
12. The Company shall take appropriate measures to ensure the location of the pyrotechnics discharge as well the surrounding areas are safe and secure.
13. The Company shall provide for adequate fire extinguishing apparatus on location.
14. The Company shall take appropriate measures to ensure post-event cleanliness of the site-of-discharge as well as the affected surrounding areas.


Submission of Application

1. Application should be submitted to the Security and Public Order Division at least seven (7) working days from the date of the show.

2. A Complete Application should contain the following details:-

  • Name of Applicant (pyrotechnics company)
  • Proof of Appointment of the Applicant by the Main Organizer
  • Title of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Time and Duration of Event
  • List of explosives
  • Name list of shot-firers/pyrotechnicians
  • Confirmed List of Important Dignitaries (VIPs)

3. The Complete Application should be submitted to the following address:-

Security and Public Order Division
Level 10, Block D1, Complex D,
Federal Government Administration Centre
Fax No: 03-88891763/1751


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