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1267 List


This list is maintained by the 1267 Committee, a committee established by the UN Security Council Resolution 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011). This list contains information on individuals and groups involved with Al-Qaeda. This list is available on the 1267 Committee website in 3 formats; PDF, XML and HTML (click to see list).


Application to list any individual or group involved with Al-Qaeda must be made to the 1267 Committee. The listing procedure is available on the 1267 Committee's website (click for more details). The website also provides forms and guidelines for the listing application. Listing application can only be made by the Royal Malaysia Police through the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Any individual or group listed in this list may submit an application to de-list their names from the list. Forms and procedures for de-listing are available on the 1267 Committee website (click for more details). Completed forms must be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The result of the application shall be decided by the 1267 Committee.


Despite being imposed with asset freezing measures, any listed individual or group may apply to the 1267 Committee for an exemption to get access to a certain amount of the frozen asset. This exemption is solely for basic necessities expenses only such as food, fees, utilities and medicines. Information on this matter is available on the 1276 Committee website (click for more details). This application must be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In addition, any individual or group who perceive that they have been wrongly sanctioned by the asset freezing mechanism due to having same or similar names as the designated individuals or groups, they can apply to be released from the freezing mechanism by sending relevant documents (eg. identification card, passport, birth certificate, business/society/organization registration certificate) to the Ministry of Home Affairs to support and confirm that they are not the designated individuals or groups that is subjected to the freezing mechanism.



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